BTS’ RM Shows Off His First Ever Tattoo & ARMY Is Freaking Out, Do All Members Now Have Tattoos?

“BTS’ RM showed off hif first ever tatoo and ARMY are completely freaking out. In one of their VLives, V talked about all the members getting a friendhip tatoo at some point. During a VLive after their “Permission to Dance concert” RM was asked whether he was going to get the friendship tatoo, he answered that he always wanted to get one but since he changes his mind a lot he’s afraid he might hate it and he already has it on.

He also said if he got a tattoo, he’d be easily recognized in public if everyone knew his tattoo design. Well, his new tatoo just shows that he changed his mind and is open to having a tatoo. His tatoo is the nunver “Seven” which is a significant number for BTS.

Now that RM has showed off his tatoo, fans are waiting to see whwther the rest of the members will get one and are epecifically waiting for j-hope since he is the only member who does not have any piercings because he does not like the needle or pain. Jung Kook and Jimin are the members whom we know so far to be having tatoos, with Jimin having more recently.

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