BTS’ Anthology Album “Proof” Has Reached #1 On US iTunes

“The US iTunes chart is being dominated by the biggest band in the world right now, BTS as the album has now topped the chart. Released on 10th June 2022 just a few hours ago, the album sits at the top of the US charts. “Proof” with it’s lead single “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” is BTS’ Anthology album that reminisces on their past through showcasing their favorite songs that they chose to be added to the album.

All 35 songs that are included in the “Proof” album are also on the top 50 spots on the US iTunes proving just how great BTS’ fandom is and how popular the band is

BTS will be celebrating their 9th anniversary on 13th June 2022 and have been sharing content that included family portraits, unreleased dance videos and behind the scenes.

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