Brian Puspos Choreographer For BTS’ “Butterfly” & Jimin’s “Serendipity” Mentioned BTS

“BTS recently released the dance practice for their song “Butterfly” for their ongoing ” FESTA” celebration for their upcoming 9th year anniversary. Brian Puspos mentioned BTS in a tweet thanking them for allowing him to chreograph the song. He has revealed in a video talking about Jimin’s Dance style that when the company reached out to him to Choreograph the song, he did not know it was for BTS, he only found out almost more than a year later when he saw the performance and felt the choreography was familiar only to realise it was his Choreography.

Brian also choreographed BTS Jimin’s dance for the song “Serendipity”

“Wow, BTS this is just beautiful. Thank you for allowing me to chreograph this”

Watch the dance practice

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