DOES BTS’ Jimin Have A Moon Tatoo Sequence On His Back? If True, We Will Not Calm Down!

“BTS’ Jimin launched his new tatoos during their Permission. To dance concert series and fans have not had enough of them. The new tatoos include one that’s written “Youth” and a “Cresent moon tatoo” During their “Proof of Inspiration” series, Jimin clearly showed off his two new tatoos talking about the songs he chose to be added to their new album.

And now a keen eyed ARMY is pointing out that Jimin might just have a full moon tatoo sequence on his back, with pictures shared and a video. BTS members tatoos have always been a mystery, Jimin’s “Nevermind” tatoohas always been debated whether it was real or not but the permission to dance concert proved that after all these years, the tatoo is real

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