99+ #PurpleStars&Stories Plus Messages BTS ARMYs Have On How The Band Saved & Impacted Their Lives

“BTS have changed the way music is condumed and experienced. It is no longer just listening to music for music’ sake but seeking to pass a message that can touch even just one person. Apart from making and breaking records in the music industry, BTS have always been socially conscious of societal problems and social issues. They have spoken on these issues aven demonstrated their support by leading with example. This is what has led them to invited to the White House to meet the US President Joe Biden.

To celebrate the milestone, achievement and honor, the fans are sharing stories on how the seven members of BTS, Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, V, Jimin and Jung Kook have positively impacted their lives and changed it in some way. A fan account suggested the trend and fans are pouring in their heart warming stories of how, what, when, and why BTS touched their lives..

BTS have impacted lives more than they can imagine. It may just a simple “I was having a bad day and i listened to their song” to “I was diagnosed with a bad disease and RUN BTS gave me laughter again” stories are millions and countless of how 7 men who have great love for music are trabforming lives

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