BTS Jung Kook’s Personal Instagram Account Has Surpassed 40 Million followers

“Golden maknae, Jung Kook is the second BTS member to cross 40 Million Instagram followers after fellow band member V. BTS opened up their Instagram accounts in December 2021 and they have been sharing more about their personal lives and moments with fans. Apart from just sharing photos, Jung Kook has been hosting Q&A sesions with ARMY and has been making records on the app as well.

Jung Kook has only posted 37 posts so far which includes photos from their Permission to Dance concerts, their GRAMMY awards show and several shortclips of him doing song covers and also dance choreography. Jung Kook is the second fastest individual to achieve this milestone. Fans freaked out when he changed his username from abcdefghi_lmnopqrstuvwxyz to what it is now jungKook.97

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