Get The Chance To Win One Special Poster With BTS’ Handwritten Autographs, Here’s All You Need To Know

“BTS’ new album “Proof” is set to be released on 10th June 2022 and there are a lot of activities leading up to the anticipated comeback. The members released “Proof of Inspiration” series where they talked about the songs they chose to include in the album and what their proofs are. According to their comenack schedule the concept photos will be released between 28th May to 2nd June. BIGHIT Music has announced a raffle draw where fans will get the chance to win a handwritten sign poster with all BTS memmbers’ handritten signatures. The announcement was made of their Weverse platform. Here are the details

[BTS ‘Proof’] Album Release Celebration Handwritten Sign Poster Purchase Customer Gift Event Guide

In celebration of BTS’ release of the ‘Proof’ album, a raffle event will be held to present a special poster with the artist’s collective handwritten signature.

  • Event Content
  • After purchasing BTS Proof (Set) or Proof (Standard Edition) albums from Weavers Shop (GLOBAL) in line with the purchase period below, 200 of the customers who entered during the entry period who won the raffle will receive a special poster with the handwritten autograph of all BTS members.
  • Purchase period: May 05, 2022 (Thu) 11:00 ~ June 16, 2022 (Thu) 23:59 (KST)
  • Entry period: Tuesday, May 24, 2022 11:00 ~ Thursday, June 16, 2022 23:59 (KST)

※ Event entry will be conducted on Weavers, and in order to enter the event, you must log in to the Weavers account with the same ID as the Weavers Shop account where you purchased the product to participate.

※ Click the [Enter>] button at the bottom of the notice to go to the entry page and then participate in the event entry.

※ The Enter button will be available from 11:00 AM on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

※ The Proof (Compact Edition) product is an excluded product for event entry.

  • Event Prizes

1 special poster with the handwritten autographs of all BTS members

  • Event Winner Announcement
  • Winner announcement: Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 18:00 (KST)
  • Winner confirmation: Weavers Shop GLOBAL BTS announcement or event application history in Weavers APP
  • Winning information and confirmation of the desired receipt will be announced at a later date by contacting a separate Weavers account e-mail.
  • Number of people in the lottery: 200 random draws

👉Go to Entry

👉Go to buy an album

  • Entries will be automatically entered by the total quantity of items ordered from Weavers Shop GLOBAL during the event, not by the number of orders. (e.g. 2 purchases today, 2 purchases tomorrow will count towards a total of 4, and you only need to participate once for the entire period to enter the event.
  • Event entries will be processed based on the payment time within the entry period.
  • Purchases made during the pre-sale period are reflected in the aggregation of each album chart.
  • Log in to Weavers with the same account as the Weavers Shop account where you purchased the album, and then click the Go to Entry button in the announcement to go to the entry page.
  • The winner of the event will be selected by random draw from among the total entrants.
  • If you cancel your order after purchasing a prize within the entry period and entering the event, you will not be eligible to win.
  • In the case of the winner, we will guide you through the process of agreeing to provide additional collection and use of personal information for the delivery of gifts.
  • Only the winner will be notified of the winning information and personal information procedure by Weavers account e-mail, and please confirm that it can be received normally. We will not compensate for any disadvantages caused by the failure to receive the winning notification e-mail due to the winner’s personal reasons.
  • Only the winner cannot modify the personal information after the submission is completed, so please pay attention to the correct information (name, contact information, desired receipt location, etc.) when submitting it later. We will not compensate for any disadvantages caused by misrepresenting information.
  • The delivery schedule of the purchased goods and the event goods is different. Purchased prizes will be shipped after the release date, and event prizes will be delivered only to the winner after the winner’s announcement.
  • The country of receipt of the gift must be the same as the country of receipt of the purchased item.
  • Only the winner will receive the gift receipt information at a later date, and if the winner does not reply within the deadline for replying, it will be excluded from shipping, so please confirm the receipt information when winning.
  • 1 poster gift with handwritten autographs of all BTS members will be given to each winner
  • Gifts cannot be exchanged for other prizes.
  • The gift is a prize that is made according to the number of winners, and cannot be exchanged due to the defective prize.
  • In the case of the winner of the event, when requesting the exchange of the purchased product, only the product must be returned, not the gift. However, if you request a refund, you must return the gift with an enclosed item, and no refund will be given if the gift is not recovered.
  • This event is subject to some changes and cancellations depending on the circumstances without prior notice.


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