COWAY Global Apologised For Missing Important Detail On Jung Kook’s Hand In Latest Photo For An Unreleased Campaign

“BTS have the greatest force that is always behind them, the “ARMY” and in literal sence of the world, they are an ARMY of a group of individuals from all walks, geographies, religious, educational and many backgrounds. The fans have always defended BTS and protected them from negative forces and BTS always receprocates by protecting it’s fans from people who disregard them or misunderstand.

I dont think there is anyone as observant as the ARMY, they will notice even the smallest details, and request that the thing that is not right with BTS is rectified. COWAY global recently posted a photo for their upcoming unreleased Campaign with BTS and fans noticed that Jung Kook’s Hand tattoos were incomplete as it was missing the “J” letter.

The missing “J” on Jung Kook’s hand

The “J” is on his ring finger

The tweet was later deleted and COWAY Global explained that it was not done intentionally and they would rectify the omission. Later they uploaded a new photo that had the details on Jung Kook’s hand tatoo complete.

They sent a tweet explaining the miashap,

Hello everyone. We sincerely apologize that we’ve missed precious “J” letter on JK’s hand. Well soon replace it with the revised version, and make sure it won’t happen again. Again, we are really sorry :'(” COWAY Global

Soon after they posted a new tweet with the revised photo and wrote,

Hello everyone, here’s the revised version of the previous photo. There was a mistake while editing the skin tone and there was no intention to disrespect the artist. As we promised, this kind of mistake won’t take place again. We always respect our brand ambassador, BTS 💜” COWAY Global

Fans reacted to the apology

There are truly some hawk eyed fans as some had not even seen the mistake until the brand posted about it

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