BTS’ j-hope, SUGA and RM Attended American Rapper Eminem’s Concert Before Their Debut in 2012

“BTS’ j-hope seems to be getting nostalgic as he goes down memory lane. In his latest Instagram updates, j-hope shared several photos that bring back, he posted photos from their first mejor concert, ” The Red Bullet” that took place back in 2014/2015, he posted and old letter from Jimin for his birthday and then posted a concert ticket that he attended for the American rapper Emin. The ticket is dated 13th June 2012 which is exactly a years before they debuted.

BTS members especially the Rapline SUGA, RM and j-hope have always said that they were inspired by many hip hop artists. In their song “Hip-hop Phile/Hip-hop Lover ” they pay an ode to former and present hip hop legends both in their hometown South Korean and international artists.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, SUGA spoke on how he bought an Eminem CD even though his parents would have disapproved because of the explicit lyrics. In the end they let him keep it because it didn’t have any Korean translation.

j-hope on instagram

RM talking about the Eminem concert

Fans are now Endeared of the realtion between the ticket and BTS’ debut date saying that it’s fate

“A year before their debut😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 it’s fate 😭”


“if the time went back, I’m sure bts would follow the same exact steps. It’s on the stars at this point”

“It’s fate . They are made for each other . Universe wrote their story so beautifully .”

“fate only applies to bts atp, it’s too many coincidences”

“we are really just living on their universe huh”

“they made me believe in fate”

“No cuz that’s crazy actually 🫢”

While some were touched over how j-hope treasures moments and likes to keep memories. I wonder what storage capacity he has to store so may memories and hopefully one day we will get to see many more moments that weve never seen before

“It’s still in pristine condition” – the ticket

“hobi my beloved he’s a collector like me we want to preserve these precious memories 💔💔💔💔”

“Wait, the concert was June 13 2012? That’s exactly 1 year from debut 😳”

“At first I thought they just went to the concert (like few days ago) and thought “glad they’re having fun” because the tickets look like its fresh out of the printer”

“the condition looks good he kept the memory well 🥹”

“He might as well frame it how did he keep that ticket so nice”

“Just thinking about those baby rappers with all their careful words stored up in their hearts just waiting for their dreams to come true”

“hobi is the most genuine,, loving, caring human being ever he always cherish their moments oh how to stop cryiny”

“Hobi is so precious. He has been keeping this for decades now 😭”

“Yeah this has broken me down into my constituent parts. I will need to rebuild. He is so wholesome 😭”

“Thought this was recent the ticket looks so new. If they ever do a collab I’m going to die happy. 🙏”

“The fact that the ticket is still in mint condition…he treasures these memories 😭”

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