BTS’ j-hope Has Learnt To Accept All His Different Sides & Shares How The Band’s Music Can Be Interpreted in So Many Ways

“BTS’ j-hope is the final member to share the songs that he chose for their upcoming album, “Proof” set to be released on 10th June 2022. j-hope’s song choices include his own solo song ” EGO” and a song he did together with SUGA and RM, “HER” he speaks about how BTS’ lyrics can be interpreted on so many ways by different people sighting their song, “HER”

He apoke and said,

“I included ‘Her’ and ‘Outro: Ego’ in this album, Proof. Her is essentially a love song…but some ARMY interpreted the lyrics as being more complex, about feeling the pressures of having to reshape who I am for ‘her’. There can be many different interpretations, but there are times when I have to wear a mask to hide the sides of myself that I don’t particularly want to show offer people. And I sometimes hid because I didn’t want to show that side of myself either. But they are all me. I came to accept all of my sides as parts of my identity, my ego because the members and ARMY accept all of me. Who I am, just as I am, my ego is my Proof.” j-hope

Listen to the amazing songs

“EGO” by j-hope

“HER” by j-hope, SUGA and RM

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