BTS’ RM Talks About How Having Many Personas Comes as A Heavy Burden & How He’s Learnt To Embrace All His Personas

“BTS’ fierce leader RM took us through his song choices for their album “Proof” and shared why his solo song “Intro: Persona” has given him a lot of thoughts about the many different sides of himself. RM has always thought deeply about everything from his personal life to his music to just life in general. Whenever you watch his VLives, speeches or even just conversations with his fellow members you get to see how deep his thought process is.

When you listen to his music you understand just how much of a lyricist he is. His songs give you deepr meaning and are completely thought provoking. He spoke on how having many aspects of himself can be daunting and even a burden but he has somehow learnt to embrace all sides of his especially when his fellow BTS members and ARMY love all his sides. He spoke and said,

“I thought that it would be great if “Intro:Persona” and “Stay” would go into the anthology album, Proof. “Intro:Persona” starts with ‘Who am I?’ so I’ve been thinking about that a lot while we ran full speed ahead since our debut and even now I have many different personas: there’s Kim Namjoon as a human being then there’s Kim Namjoon who is a family member and friend and there’s RM who makes music. I have all those different “me’s” So sometimes it comes as a heavy burden and at times I wonder who the real “me” is. But in the end I found that all those personas that I’ve been shifting between are all me. And I think to the members and our ARMY who Stay’ed by my side no matter which of the “me’s” I was are my Proof” RM

Listen to the beautiful songs

“Intro: Persona” by RM

“Stay” by RM, Jin and Jung Kook

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