BTS Jung Kook’s Latest Sneak Peak Of His Full Arm Shoulder Tatoo Is The Cause Of ARMYs ‘Euphoria’

“BTS Jung Kook’s tattoos have always been a mystery since he first got them. He has gone from hiding his hand in gloves when he first got the hand tatoo of ARMY on his knuckles, to covering his tatoos on broadcasts with bandages to wearing long sleeved shirts to cover them up, the tatoos being censored to now being able to show off the beautiful only art on his arm. Fans have always wondered how far his full sleeve tattoo goes.

Well in a surfaced clip showing the members leaving the stage after performing, during the Sowozzo concert, JungKook is seen removing his rugges shirt just walking when the upper part of his arm becomes exposed from the sleeveless top he was wearing.

More recently it can be seen that Jung Kook added more tatoos after the Sowozoo event and even allegedly colored some of the tatoos

Suffice to say, fans have been blessed and can now add visual details of the golden maknae’s tatoo details

Jung Kook had to cover his tatoos whenever BTS appeared on variety shows or live broadcasts. Whether it was full on bandages or Elastoplast his tatoos were always covered. This is because In Korea, there is actually a law that forbids any public figure to show their tattoos

On Korean TV shows, idols can often be seen covering up their tattoos. On KBS talk show Let’s BTS, Jungkook from BTS wore long sleeves and a bandage to cover up his tattoos

Jung Kook performing with his tatoos bandaged to hide them.

During BTS‘s travel-reality show, Bon Voyage 4 back in 2019, Jung Kook wore a glove on his hand while they filmed the show

It is good that Jung Kook now feels more comfortable showing off his ink as he mostly wears short sleeves shirts or tops that show most of his tatoo on his sleeve.

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