BTS’ Jin Credits ARMY For Being His Refuge, Comfort & They’ve Been Inspiration For The Path He Chose To Take In His Life

“Day 2 of BTS’ “Proof of Inspiration” series in preparation for their 2022 comeback, brings us to vocalist Jin aka Kim Seok-jin. The BTS member chose his solo song “Moon” and “Jamais Vu” which he sings with fellow members Jung Kook and rapper j-hope. Jin talks about how much ARMY (BTS’ fandom) means to him. He has always credited the fans for all the happiness he feels for being in BTS. In a letter he read for ARMY he confessed that he never really enjoyed being an idol until he met the fans. His song “Moon” is dedicated to the fans

ARMY have always called Jin their moon that they eve held a surprise birthday event during their “Permission to Dance on Stage, LA” in the US. After singing for him a happy birthday j-hope pointed it out to him that the ARMY bombs were made in the shapes of the moon. He got emotional telling ARMY how much he loves them. In his series he says.

I wanted to include “Moon” and “Jamais Vu” so that you could give them another listen. Everyone knows that ARMY and I are inseparable like the Earth and the Moon. And it’s already a well known fact this is what “Moon” is about. Now I think we’re at the point where I am ARMY and ARMY is me- we’re assimilated into one. The path that I’ve taken so far wouldn’t have been possible without ARMY. You are my and BTS’ living proof. Just like the lyrics in “Jamais Vu”, whenever yheinhs get tough and I get exhausted I will think of our members and ARMY who have been my refuge and comfort and make more great music…” Jin

Listen to the beautiful songs below

Jin’s “Moon”

Jin’s Trio with Jung Kook and j-hope “Jamais Vu”

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