The Top 3 BTS Songs ARMYs Want To Hear Live That BTS Might Have Forgotten About, Find Out Which Song Won In The Poll

“HYBE put up a poll on BTS’ official Instagram account for ARMY to vote for their top 3 songs. The songs that made it were, “Paradise” “Louder than Bombs” and “Heartbeat” these songs are BTS’ B-side tracks while one is an OST for a BTS video game. Fans have always been requesting some of these songs especially during BTS’ VLive sessions. Several times Jung Kook has had VLIVE where he took song requests from fans and sang the songs requested but had to search for some he had forgetten even existed.

“Louder than Bombs” was the most voted for

In two instances he was confused about the song being requested, he even asked “We have a song called Heart beat?” Then he played it and remembered the song. On the same live he kept seeing requests for “Paradise” so he searched the Korean name and remembered it.

During RUN BTS the members were guessing which songs their fans would like to hear live and we’re speechless that the number one song fans craved for was “Louder than Bombs”

It has always been a running joke that BTS does not remember sone of their songs especially the B-side tracks so ARMY is always requesting them. “Louder than Bombs” is a fan favorite that ARMY is always manifesting for it to be performed live whenever BTS have concerts. Maybe this new “Proof” era will finally give fans what they have been requesting and dying to hear live

JungKook only knowing the Korean name for their song “Paradise”

JungKook was confused about them having a song called “Heartbeat” his reaction was priceless

BTS were so shocked and speechless that the number one song ARMY would like to hear performed live is “Louder than Bombs”

RM mentioned “Louder than Bombs” during his live stating that it was a hard song

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