BTS Weekend With V, Take Photos and Play Games With V

Question: “How do you usually spend your weekends when you don’t have work?

V: A weekend without work is when I sleep in to get some really good rest. Or, I stay at home, sleeping, eating, watching movies and just goofing around foan an entire week without ever going out

Question: “The what about ypur meals?”

V: “I order everything. I recommend Jjajangmyeon. (laughs)

Question: “Do you like watching movies?”

V: “Yes, I recently watched ‘A Better Tomorrow’ and ‘Days of Being Wild’ It was my first time watching the. They were a lot of fun

Question: “If you could have a hideout for you and your member, what would it look like?”

V: “I want a hideout with a lot of games. A lot of things to do. That way, we would visit it a lot. We could also have a basketball rim or other activities as well. I wouldn’t want the decoration to look too classic. It wouldn’t go well with our hideout that is filled with games.

Question: “Then would it be in the bustling city or the quiet countryside?”

V: “A quiet place. I want a quiet place where we can get good rest

Question: “Is there a role that you would like to take on for your hideout?”

V: “I will be in charge of bringing the stuff we need

Question: “What role would you give to the other members?”

V: “Nothing special, I would just have everyone bring their own stuff. Wahtever they want

Question: “If you could spend one weekend with ARMY, what would you like to do?

V: “I want to go to a music store together, it would be great if I could recommend some music to ARMY. I love how the music comes out of the speakers. It will be so much better if I can go with ARMY

Question: “Do you have anything to say to ARMY who are all spending their weekend in their own way?”

V: “I hope our ARMY eat a lot of delicious food and don’t have a single moment of boredom. I hope that you can fill youtr time with a lot of fun. I call it a good day if all ARMY spend their day like that

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