BTS’ j-hope Surpassed 10 Million Followers On Spotify Making History As A Korean Soloist On The Platform

“On May 9th 2022, BTS’ j-hope surpassed 10 million followers on Spotify. With this record, he became the first Korean solo singer to surpass 10 million followers. He surpassed 9 million followers on February 14, which means that the followers increased by more than 1 million in less than three months! There are 1,165 Korean artists registered on Spotify, and j-hope is the fourth most flowed after his own band, BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE.

j-hope is now the most followed Korean soloist, 2nd most followed Korean male act and 4th most followed Korean act.

He has a total of 8 solo songs that are registered on his Spotify page.7 of the songs are from his solo mixtape “Hope World” include “Daydream” , “Airplane“, “Hope World” , “Blue Side” , “Base Line“, “Always“, “P.O.P” which was released in March 2018. While Chicken Noodle Soup featured Becky G. All eight songs were written and composed by j-hope who is BTS’ main dancer, rapper, producer and composer.

Fans celebrated the milestone

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