BTS ARMYs Celebrate 10 Years Since Jimin Went To Seoul To Pursue His Dream & Becoming The Celebrated Artist That He Is Today

“BTS’ ARMYs are celebrating member Jimin’s 10th anniversary of his first arriving in Seoul, South Korea. Jimin debuted with BTS in 2013, he was the last member to join BTS and had the shortest training before debut. Over the years Jimin has shown himself to be the superstar that he has become. He has honed his skills despite many challenges both personal and professional. He is a perfectionist and as such has had moments where he has doubted himself.

We have seen him break down because of not being to get the level that he wants to get to in many of their reality shows. His singing skills and dancing skills have sharpened over the years and matured over time.

Several keywords related to Jimin trended including “#JiminMeetsSeoul” , “JIMIN JIMIN” , “Jiminie”, “BTSJIMIN”, “Park Jimin”

He often talked about his growth and where he has reached. He talked about his former self, the things he learnt and what he hopes for the future

Jimin talked about his struggles at the beginning when he started out his trainee days. In a show he talked about how he’s call his father often telling him that even if he did not get into BTS he would succeed matter what.

During Their 8th fiesta celebration where they celebrated their 8th anniversary since debut as BTS Jimin talked about the things he wanted to do when he came to Seoul and that he has achieved. “I wanted to go to an arts school and I did, I wanted to come to Seoul and I took an audition and came, I wanted to debut and to win and so I did” Jimin

Even his father believed in his dream and supported Jimin and has been supporting him ever since, by words of encouragement and even sending him gifts like flowers to push him foward and remind him that his family is always behind him cheering him on

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