BTS’ Jin Finally Takes Off His Hand Cast After Almost 2 Months, ARMYs Are Happy To See Him Out & About

“BTS’ oldest member Jin has finally taken his hand cast off. The “Super Tuna” singer shared two photos on his personal Instagram account that showed him without the hand cast. Jin had injured his finger several weeks ago which had his hand in a cast. He appeard on the red carpet at the GRAMMYs ending up trending as ” guy in a cast”, he performed “Butter” at the GRAMMYs with the rest of the members.

During their four day sold out concerts in Las Vegas Jin performed with different colored hand casts matching his outfits. He enjoyed himself despite having to sit for some tough choreographies since he had been adviced by his doctor to limit and vigorous dancing. You could see the extent of his injury and how painful it was when they held a VLive and he accidentally hit his injured hand on his knee

Despite the injury Jin performed exceptionally well even earning himself admiration and praise from dance leader and fellow member j-hope

We are happy to see him healed and is out and about

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