Here’s The Song BTS’ V Shared But Wants To ‘Throw Away’ But Fans Are Not Having It

“On 10th May BTS’ vocalist V shared a clip of his unreleased song on their official Twitter handle. V posted the clip with a simple caption ” Hi,” and “Bye”The clips are less than 2 seconds and features V listening to his own song as it songs. He doesn’t say a word just bops along to it until the clip ends. V Had earlier anwered a fans question that “I have one more song to delete/throw away.. do you want to listen it?” who had asked him whether he was sleeping.

Fans have been waiting for BTS V’s mixtape and any snippet they get from him is always received with excitement and anticipation. V has many times said that he has deleted songs from his mixtape that he has been working on because he wants to make the best when his mixtape finally drops.

Fans are hoping that this recent song will be part of the mixtape or V keeps the song instead of tossing it out because they love it.

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