“With You” by BTS’ Jimin and Ha Sung-woon Ousted “Butter” As BTS Ruled Top 6 Positions On This Week’s Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart

“BTS continue to rule the Hot Trending Songs Chart powered by Twitter. Whether it is with solo songs or collaborations, the members of the biggest band continue to show their dominance and popularity. “With You” by Ha Sung-woon and BTS‘ Jimin rose to No.1 on Billboard‘s Hot Trending Songs on the chart dated May 14. The song tallied 4 million Twitter mentions in the April 29-May 5 tracking week.

BTS’ solo members took the top six positions on the chart. “Butter” which has been at the top position for 20 weeks settled for position No.2 position. PSY’s new single “That That,” featuring BTS’ Suga, debuted at No.3, BTS Jin continues to reign with two songs on the chart, his song “Yours” took No.4 while “Super Tuna” took No.5. Jungkook’s “Stay Alive” took No.6 and V’s “Christmas Tree” took No. 9.

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