BTS’ SUGA Celebrated “Holy’s” Birthday With Cheesecake & Wine, And He Still Wonders Why ARMYs Want Marry Him

“BTS’ SUGA Celebrated his dog, Holy’s Birthday on 7th May 2022. The rapper and currently highly sought after producer shared a photo on his Instagram account of his birthday feast for his dog. The picture was one where Holy was wearing a birthday hat, surrounded by toys, a cheesecake and wine. Fans could not help but gush over SUGA’s love for his dog as they wished the little dog a happy birthday.

SUGA had even been keeping a diary of Holy’s life

SUGA bragging about his dog, Holy during one of their RUN BTS episodes

SUGA talking about his dog, Holy

Fans gushing over Yoongi and his love for “Holy”

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