BTS’ Jung Kook Surpassed 2 Million Followers On Largest Streaming Site Becoming Fastest Korean & K-pop Act to Achieve That Milestone

“BTS’ Jung Kook has set a new personal and global record with his Spotify account. The youngest member of BTS recently surpassed 2 Million followers on his Spotify account thus becoming the fastest Korean and  Kpop Act to achieve such a milestone. Jungkook still mainatins the record for being the Asian Act with the most followers on Spotify in the first 24 hours. Achieving 2 million followers on Spotify is very impressive as he did that in just 81 days since he opened his account.

Jung Kook only has one song on his profile, “Stay Alive” which is the soundtrack to their Webtoon “7FATES:CHAKHO”. Jungkook’s monthly listeners also peaked at 7 Million in just 28 days soon after he debuted his frost solo work “Stay Alive”. As a result of the great news,  ‘SPOTIFY KING JUNGKOOK’ and #Jungkook2MSpotify trended worldwide on Twitter as fans celebrated his very impressive achievement and milestone.

Congratulations Jung Kook!

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