BTS Announced The Lead Single For Their Upcoming Album”Proof” & Shared The Promotion Schedule

“We finally have the lead single for BTS’ 2022 comeback album “Proof” The titke track/singke for the new anthrology album will be “Yet to Come”. The image wuth the name of the lead single also has the words “The Most Beautiful Moment” As BTS and ARMY gear for the upcoming album, fan are excited for the reveal of the lead single which appears to be full of the promise of a record breaking song.

BTS also released the promotion schedule for the single and album

5.9 – 5.11 Tracklist
5.17 – 5.23 Proof of inspiration
5.28 – 5.29 concept photo(proof)
5.31 – 6.2 concept photo(door)
6.7 ???
6.8 Yet to Come Teaser
6.9 Yet to Come Teaser
6.10 Yet to Come MV
6.13 ???

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