ARMY Tweets That Always Resurface Every BTS Comeback or New Era, Part 1 (what if…)

“Comeback season for BTS is already here and ARMY is collectively loosing their last brain cells!😉 This is a very exciting time as fans of the biggest band in the world count down to BTS releasing a new album come 10th June 2022. If there are great theorists in the world then ARMY would take the top position as they are always formulating theories around BTS content which for most part is almost 99 percent true once the overall project is revealed.

The 2022 comeback is no exception as even before the official comeback date was released there were already theories forming around everything the members posted or said or shared. But the best part is always ARMY reactions to everything BTS related. And as with every comeback, there is usually a tweet or two that resurface surrounding the theories or what the fans expect, wish or even imagine. The said tweet will be fully customized for the current comeback, era or single being released.

The famous “what if…” tweet is back and it has not gone unnoticed by some of the OG ARMY who have seen it time and again or the new ones who are wondering what it is all about. I have seen this tweet before but I don’t know why it got me hard this time. I seriously full body laughed holding my ribs almost disappearing on the floor, I kid you not!

Maybe I’m just giddy in anticipation of the album, but something about it just made me die of laughter, and then there were the comments! Want some stress relief? Just come to ARMY tweet and all your troubles will be washed away!

2022 “what if…” Version

The responses are just on another level!

Well, we already had two happening, so it’s not really all that far fetched to imagine it

Namjoon screaming “put your ‘mf’ hands up!”

JungKook unintentionally ripping his shirt or buttons in this instance

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