When BTS’ V Deletes His Instagram Posts But ARMYs Are Faster, Here Are His Deleted Instagram Stories Updates + Hilarious Reactions From Fans

“BTS’ V is back on Instagram but no sooner had he posted than he deleted the Instagram stories. But as you would have it, ARMY is faster when it comes to collecting ‘receipts’ V took to Instagram to try his hand on the “Ask Me Anything” feature but he seemed to be having a problem. He left the app and went to Weverse, to ask for help on how to use the feature and fans gave him the answer he was looking for.

V is notorious for posting and deleting but here are his Instagram stories and what he talked about before the stories were no more.

“how I’ve been doing? What I’ve been up to”

“I’m healthy, doing well, living busily/a busy life , and tired as ever/still heh I’m living well!…”

“no but how much more do (you all) need? hehe I (just) gave/told you my recent condition/ how I’ve been doing (he stretches) here you go. my recent condition”

“at this rate, with the way things are going, you’re gonna be curious about me, washing up too… anyway I’m going to delete it all before I go to sleep so let’s go till the very end hmm

“that “ask me anything”.. please tell me how to turn that on (set that up) … I forgot

“Come on in”

“no but I want to play but it’s not working…hmmm (yeah) I really wanted to play”

“next time let’s have fun, let’s succeed for sure/ no matter what, Bye Bye

Translatee by @btsbatagi_jk

ARMYs reactions

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