From Winnipeg, Heathrow, Zurich, to Denvor International Airport, Worldwide Airports Are Sharing BTS’ Music Lyrics, New World Tour Announcement Soon Or Just Love for BTS?

“They say the world revolves around BTS, whether it’s from the fans in a living manner or haters as sarcasm, but it really does revolve around the biggest group in the world right now. After literally taking over Las Vegas and turning it into “Borahaegas” airports around the world are showing live to BTS. In a worldwide Twitter trend, “Airport Twitter” local USA and international airports are sharing BTS’ lyrics tagging BTS and ARMY.

No one seems to know what the trend is all about but some people are speculating that a BTS world tour announcement is looming, others are excited that so many people are showing love to BTS. Either way, the trend just shows how BTS is taking over the world one airport at a time. Enjoy these tweets from various airports

Over 122k Tweets #AirportTweets and the world airports are landing on ARMY territory. Paris, San Francisco, Dallas, London, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Sydney, Tulsa, Baltimore, South Africa, it’s BTS take over time!

Airports in love with BTS

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