BTS’ SUGA Still Maintains He Was Just Supposed To Write PSY’s Song “That That” & Disappear Yet…

“SUGA of BTS is still mainatining that he was only supposed to write the song “That That” which is PSY’s title track for his 9th album and that would be it, but fate (or rather, PSY) had other plans for him. SUGA did not only end up producing the song or just appearing in the music video but he learnt and danced the choreography of the music video, and all out he did go.

His dance moves are memerising to watch and many fans have confessed that they have not moved from SUGA’s parts in the choreography after watching for the millionth time!

SUGA posted a series of clips on his Instagram account featuring the parts where he is dancing in the music video and a last post where he wrote,

“I was just going to write the song and run away but…” SUGA

In a clip shared on PSY’s Instagram page SUGA revealed that he doesn’t normally meet with artists he collaborates with. He said,

To be honest, I haven’t gotten that close with anyone I collab with. It’s because I’m not the type to meet up and collaborate in-person, but he wanted to see me in person. While producing, we went back and forth a lot. I seriously didn’t expect to be dancing with PSY. I thought I was only writing the song!” SUGA

He also shared that he was nervous to work with such an established artist but the process was Soo good that he considers PSY a bestie.

He’s many years my senior and someone so who’s so well-respected in the business, the experience felt like working with a childhood friend, so it made the songwriting process that much more fun.” SUGA

PSY’ TikTok

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