BTS’ j-hope Ranked One Of The Top Authentic Influencers Ahead Of Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Lopez Among Other Top Celebrities

“Fashion and j-hope belong in the same sentence and the BTS rapper has embraced the word in all it’s facets. Soon after the members opened up their Instagram accounts, it was clear that j-hope was ahead of the pack as his Instagram game was on such a high level that his other members jockingly questioned why he was such a natural. He always keeps fans up to date on what he’s up to, posting his looks and then adding pictures of him wearing them. During concerts, his fashion sense has always gone viral and that is why he is a natural influencer.

Influencer Marketing Hub is the number one resource for influencers, agencies and platforms which ranks actors, musicians, celebrities on their influence on social media especially Instagram. It is no surprise that j-hope took #4 on the list of authentic influencers

j-hope’s instagram

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, “An Influencer’s Authentic Rank means he/she may be based in one country but be a leading influencer in another. ie their influence is strong in another region/country”

j-hope is a natural and his Instagram is just proof that he holds the power to create beautiful and crsative collages from his photo collections.


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