A 2017 Twitter Thread Brings Into Light That Nothing Has Changed in 5 Years In Regards To The Mistreatment Of BTS’ JungKook By Some ‘fans’

“Respect. A word that seems to have disappeared or been forced to become extinct especially when it comes to idols and/or celebrities. Idols do not owe anyone any explanations as to why or what or where, there needs to be a line drawn in how far a fan can gate keep their idol/celebrity. No human is perfect, certainly and especially not celebrities. I don’t see how we need to hold them to a higher standard than the rest of humaniry and expect they will bend to our whims as fans.

I believe that as long as something does not intentionally harm another person, then why should it be the focus of digging up the past and throwing people’s mistakes in their faces, because why? You do not like who they hang out with? Honestly why?

The word ‘fans’ is put in quotes because being a fan does not give you the right to say or treat your idol however you like just because you hold him or her to a standard that even you yourself cannot maintain or even try to uphold.

Fans do not start rumors or attack their idol because of the notions that they are now not perfect because they failed to do something or said or did not say something or hang out with someone the ‘fan’ deems inappropriate.

Have people forgotten that there is something called FORGIVENESS. We all make mistakes and learn from them, even if some do not learn, it is not up to us to decide that they should not be given a chance. We so not live in their lives, no one knows what happens in the lives of idols. So whatever they decide to do or not do is not any ‘fans’s’ concerns.

The tweet in 2017

This is not to say that any of the other members do not work just as hard or have not faced their own personal hardships, today, we just focus on JungKook

The response in 2022

This fan has been ARMY since 2017, when BTS had it the roughest, they have been defending BTS, especially JungKook showing you what a real Fan (ARMY) does.

Idols/celebrities have a right to live as they want and choose to carry themselves how they seem fit, as long as they are not breaking any rules, doing negative things intentionally or are not remorseful when they are wrong, then their lives are theirs to decide how good or bad they want to be.

Being the green monster will only lead to the love for your idol/celebrity to dwindle into nothing but ideals that no one can really attain.

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