BTS’ SUGA To Produce PSY’s 9th Album Title Track “That That”

“Producer SUGA is once again bringing his A game as a producer. He is collaborating with South Korean singer, rapper and record producer PSY who held the title for the first ever music video to cross 1 billion views! PSY has just confirmed that his 9th album title track is produced by SUGA of BTS. In several tweets through his official Twitter account, PSY revealed that the last track on his 9th album which is titled, “That That” is produced by SUGA.

One of the videos even showed both artists talking about working together.

PSY had previously revealed his entire track list, leaving only the title track a mystery.

Previously, PSY released the highlight medley video of the 9th regular album ‘PSY 9th. The released video includes ‘9INTRO’, ‘Celeb’, ‘It’s Touching (Feat. Si Kyung Seong)’, ‘It was a deep night (Feat. Heize)’, ‘GANJI (Feat. Jessi)’, ‘Now (Feat. Hwasa)’ )’, ‘Happier (Feat. Crush)’, ‘My Monday’, ‘Everyday’, ‘forEVER (Feat. Tablo)’, ‘To Tomorrow’s Me’, etc.  PSY will release his 9th regular album ‘PSY 9th’ at 2:30 pm IST on April 29th.

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