BTS’ New Game Brings Back Memories of The “Banana Incident” Between The Group’s Maknae And Dance Leader

“BTS will be launching a new game “BTS Island: In the SEOM” which is a game describes as a “peaceful island created by BTS for ARMY” to be released on 28th June 2022. BTS created the game from the title, logo, character designs through HYBE Interactive media. A teaser for the game was released and a part of the clip had got fans reminiscing about an infamous ‘banana’ incident between BTS’ youngest member (maknae) JungKook and dance leader j-hope.

In the clip, it shows j-hope’s character throwing a banana at JungKook’s character saying, “Here you eat them all”

As with any form of group setting, there will always be disagreements and fights between two or more people. Whether it’s between two or a group of people, tensions will get high and people may or may not fight. BTS being a large group of 7 members has had it’s fair share of fights and makeups.

It is good that BTS always share with fans the good and the ugly and one such famous BTS fights is the one between JungKook and j-hope who ended up throwing a banana at him in frustration.

The two of them talked about the incident during one of the shows they were invited on “You Quiz on the Block”

The fan gifts we got early after debuting were really precious to me, so precious! But there were a lot of fruits, and they kept disappearing. I couldn’t let it continue so I said “Stop eating them, they’re my gifts” but the members were hurt, but Hobi Hyung was eating a banana at the time. He was eating a banana and then… he spit it out like this and *throws*” Jungkook

“I threw it at Jungkook! Thinking back now I’m so sorry” J-Hope laughing, “Right, we were young then”

JungKook has even talked about the incident during one of his earlier lives.

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