BTS’ Jimin Becomes Fastest Korean Soloist To Reach #1 on iTunes in All 8 Major Music Markets

“5 hours and 39 minutes was all it took for “With You” a duet featuring Jinim and Ha Soon-waa for the Netflix drama series “Our Blues” Fans around the world continue to show love to this new OST that shot through to #1 on US iTunes and taking top positions in many countries. The song has achieved another milestone as it has sold in all the major music markets in the world.

These markets include “US”, “Japan”, “Germany”, “France”, “Netherlands”, “UK”, “Canada”, and “Australia” This is an ALL Kill as it is never easy to penetrate some of these music markets. This achievement now makes Jimin the FASTEST solo it’s to rise to #1 on iTunes in these 8 great music markets. Previously, “Stay Alive” held that record with 6 hours.

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