“JIMIN JIMIN” Currently Trending Worldwide With Over 1.66 Million Tweets After Release Of BTS Jimin’s First Ever OST

“After the release of ‘With You’ by Jimin and Sungwoon, several keywords started trending in Twitter! the song’s releases has been anticipated for a long time especially after the release date was moved foward. “JIMIN JIMIN” is currrently trending with over 1.66 million twitter mentions as fans show their excitement for Jimin’s first ever OST. The keywords that are trending worldwide include, #JiminOSTOutToday, HIS VOICE, #WithYou, 우리 지민 , OH MY GOD JIMIN, JIMIN JIMIN, #JiminOSTisComing, #ParkJimin. JIMIN JIMIN was even treding with over 1.35 Million mentions even before the ost was released, proving his social media power!


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