Fans Anticipate BTS Jimin’s Own Spotify Account After The Streaming Site Mentioned Him

“BTS Jimin’s and Ha Sungwoon’s OST for the drama “Our Blues” is titled “With you” and will be released at 11 PM April 24th (10 AM April 24th EST). On 22nd April Spotify posted a Tweet that said, “No thoughts, just Jimin” with a blue heart emoji. The post has so far garnered 70.8K  Retweets, 7,022  Quote Tweets and 279.8K  Likes. Spotify shared the post just before the release of Jimin’s OST for the K-drama “Our Blues.” Anticipation for Jimin’s OST is so all-encompassing that Spotify has been actively responding to ARMYs tweets about Jimin and the upcomg OST.

“With You” the title for the song has been trending with over 1.2 million Twitter Mentions.

Fans are now anticipating Jimin’s very open Spotify account. All the members have a Spotify account and Jimin is the only member left. His fellow band mate Jung Kook got a Spotify account after his OST was released.

Spotify being a Jimin bias all through and through

“With You” the title for the song has been trending with over 2.76 million Twitter Mentions

Are you ready for the OST?

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