BTS ARMYs Celebrate 11 years Since Jungkook Was Casted As A BTS Member With Heartwarming Messages & Memories

“Jung Kook born 1st September 1997 is the youngest member of Korean band BTS. He is the main vocalist, a dancer, composer, producer, and has even directed one of their music videos for their “BE” album. 11 years ago when superstar k3 was held in Busan and Jungkook auditioned, though he did not pass the audition, his performance made him to be scouted by 7 different companies but he chose BigHit Entertaniment, now HYBE. The rest as they say, is history! and thus the most talented human being became part of what is undoubtedly the greatest band in the world. Jung Kook shared through a video clip that on 24th April 2011 is when he was casted as a mememebr of BTS.

And is custome ARMY never forgets such importnat anniversaries and always commemorate them in variosu ways. From the memmers’ birthdays, anniversaries of their songs to new projects, fans love to celebrate and share memories of those precious moments.


Jung Kook over the years, he has grown to be a confident, still talented individual and member of a band that is canging the world

The companies that scouted Jung Kook

Some memories and great comments about the maknae of BTS

“11 years since JUNGKOOK was casted as a BTS member… Always been so proud of how he has become… Thank you for being an inspiration… So so proud of you!!! I love you so much!!!”

“11 years since the world sent this boy to me to make me live differently, i am so proud of you jungkook you faced the world at a young age, you endured many things when u were a child,u deserve all the appreciation, love and happiness”

“I’m immensely proud of your journey , your conviction and hardwork. You are so incredibly talented and you have rightfully earned all the praises, accolades and love from all over the world ❤ wishing you a lifetime of happiness 💞”

“Today marks 11 years since jungkook was casted and became a BTS member!🥺thank you for bringing so many of us so much joy and love, you bring me so much happiness just by being you,and I can’t thank you enough,now time to cry, love you so much kookie🥺🥰💜”

“Oh jungkookie I appreciate so much that you are part of bts”

You have accomplished so much, thank you for sharing so many memories and making us part of your life. Can’t describe how proud and happy I am for you. Let’s continue unlocking more memories, for more years jeon jungkook ♡🫶🏻

“Our beloved Golden Maknae, thank you making our hearts smile and eyes shine. We Love you. 🥰💜✨
You are the cause of our Euphoria.😊💜🫰🏻”

11 years with my fav person in this world From a little boy to a sexy man😭 who make us proud of him 🫂✨ My angel #Jungkook Thank u for being in my life u make it happier and brighter 💙🧡
I will always still with you JK… I love u more than love 💜💜”

so lucky to know about your your existence, and how it brings me so much joy and strength. you inspire me everyday, to do something more for myself, with everything i have.

I may not be wt u from the beginning when you were starting but I promise to not find the end of the road while walking with you. I love you, my comfort person. To more years of life to spend with u 💜

“ever since i met you i can’t believe i lived life without you. you are everything to me and truly are the reason i smile everyday. thank you for being my first love, my inspiration, and for taking complete control over my heart. i love you dearly jungkook”

“It’s been 11 years since Jungkook was scouted in BTS.
Thank you Jungkook for giving us precious memories,happiness and comfort during the journey. Hope to spend much more beautiful time with you in the future.”

“Hace 11 años, #JUNGKOOK fue elegido como miembro de BTS, un momento que no solo cambió su vida, sino también la nuestra. Gracias por crecer a nuestro lado, thank you Jungkook #11YearsWithJungkook💜”

“Hoy se cumplen 11 años desde que Jungkook fue elegido como miembro de BTS que cautivo con su gran talento un artista de talla mundial. Una vez dijo”Quiero convertirme en un cantante que pueda tocar a la gente con su voz” lo hiciste estamos muy orgullosos de tu crecimiento a lo largo de los años verte crecer desde muy jovencito, debuto a los 15 años eres una inspiración para todos. Gracias por siempre amar a ARMY . We love You”

“Jungkook has not only received endless love, but also countless titles under his belt, such as “Most Popular Idol” “SNS King” “Global Heartthrob” “Sexiest Man Alive” “Best Vocalist of K-Pop”, and we couldn’t be more proud of him!”

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