All BTS Members Except RM Arrived in South Korea After Their Successful US Activities

“BTS have finally landed in South Korea after their US activities. The six members Jin, SUGA, j-hope, V, Jimin and Jung Kook were spotted at the airport on 19th April 2022. They appeared at the. GRAMKYs where they performed and held their four days concerts in Las Vegas. Among other activities that they were able to do was attend different shows in the city, most attended the Silk Sonic’s concert, j-hope was able to see Lady Gaga at her show.

BTS are back and will be busy with their upcoming comeback where they will release a new album on 10th June. Local Korean media reported that RM remained behind for some solo activities which is leading to fans speculating that he is working on his album and might be collaborating with some US artists.



BTS JungKook

BTS j-hope


BTS Jimin

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