WATCH: BTS’ Full “Butter” Performance at The 2022 GRAMMYs

“They were in Vegas, baby! The theme was of a heist in a museum/ casino volt, with a combination of “Bond,” “Mission Impossible,” “Oceans’,” “Now you see me,” “Pink Panther” and a hint of “Men in Black” How cool was that!? As for the performance, the members barely had a day to rehearse due to a lot of resons.  A short while ago Jimin had surgery on his appendix and covid.  j-hope got covid while in Korea and couldn’t show up until a short time before the performance and rehearsal.  Jung Kook got covid as he arrived in Vegas and was under quarantine until a day before rehearsal. 

Jin injured his finger and had to have surgery shortly before all of this. With all these obstacles, they managed to pull off a performance for the history books! As for the Jacket trick, Jung Kook and Jimin did this a long time ago in their ‘Black and White’ performance but all of them doing it together took it to a whole other ridiculously high level.  This was everyone’s absolute favorite part of the performance.

The first pictures start disappearing like they are being stolen (thieves), and then the graffiti appears because the thieves graffiti the walls after pics are stolen, then replaced with the other pics. Kind of like oceans eleven. The photos behind them are from their album “HWYH (the most beautiful moment in life)” album released in 2016

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