Preserve These Beautiful Moments Of BTS’ “Permission to Dance on Stage” Las Vegas Last Day Concert

“Cue “BTS post concert withdrawal symptoms”. It is the last day in Las Vegas as BTS perform for the last time after three days of performances. Today has been even more exciting and BTS have been on fire! From the visuals, the sets. the dances, the impromptu side shows, it has been a BTS and ARMY world. Sort of feels like the tow had been living in a beautiful bubble filled with beautiful memories. Today’s concert was as much emotional as it was meaningful, it was the longest they have ever stayed in a location during their world tours. The last day is usually bitter sweet.

The concert ends but BTS will still be busy preparing their new comaback that is slated for June 10, 2022. They have been hinting at new project and now it is finally here. As ARMYs say goodbye at the concert, they can still look forward to what BTS has in store these coming months. Here are some of our favorite moments from the last day, what was yours?

Jin being shy as j-hope appreciates him

The famous sign “Yoongi Marry Me”

V took his jacket off…

and then Jung Kook took off his too

And they’re back! JinKook (Jin and Jung Kook)

V teaching backup dancers his favorite moves

j-hope in “Fake Love”

Jin stepping on V

When Jung Kook forgot his place, SUGA pointing it to him

The chaos for “HOME”

Security could not resist!

Jung Kook electrocution move

j-hope calling Yoongi “My SUGA”

This moment ?!??

BTS and dancers doing the full bow on stage

We love NamKook moments

BTS hugging each other

BTS clapping for Jin

These meme signs

SUGA getting shy at some members saying “Yoongi marry me”

Yoongi talking about Las Vegas marriage drive through

j-hope complimenting and appreciating Jin


V making a finger heart with a fan

Jung Kook trying to end us with this move

Jimin’s ‘illegal’ body rolls

Jin kick ass aura

Just JiKook things

This vew of the rainbow colors of the ARMY bombs

V twerking ‘infront of my sald!’

V making Jin laugh

Black Swan live will always be “GOD tier”

Not too young or too old to attend a BTS concert

SUGA in “HOME” performance, there’s just something about it

Jimin “Blue and Grey”

The fans with the run BTS sunflower airport fashion punishment

Namjoon causing us to wheez

BTS proposing to Yoongi…

and Yoongi’s reaction to the 50,000 marriage proposals

BTS hugging Namjoon

j-hope refuring Jin’s claims that he was a burden

Simping for Yoongis’ voice when he speaks English

Yoongi avoiding eye contact with Jimin

j-hope twerking during soundcheck

Soulmates being chaotic

Taehyung kicking Jin’s butt for being hard on himself

Male ARMY bringing the house down

Jimin reaching out to touch ARMYs hands as the cart rolled by

The KIM Line being chaotic

Jung Kooka and V recreating Cinderella

Jimin and RM doing the full bow at the end

Hugging the dancers

V massaging RM like hes about to go into a boxing ring

Jung Kook taking V’s photo at soundcheck

Yoongi’s hoop with the ballon

Jimin on this part in DNA

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