New Era “We Are Bullet Proof” It’s Official BTS’ Comeback Is Slated For June 2022

“BTS have been planning a comeback and have ofen spoken about them working on their albums, both individual and as a group. Through Vlives and comments on Weverse, BTS have been hinting at new projects. And now there is a possibility that the date for the comeback has been released. BTS has announced that they will release a new album that will open a new chapter within the year 2022, June 10, 2022 to be precise.

During the last day of their Las Vegas show, during BTS’ break in the middle of the concerts they usually have intermediary sections where they have set pieces or music or adverts. After the final song on stage was completed, “WE ARE BULLETPROOF” & “22.06.10” were shown on the screen. The clip was of BTS’ moments in their careers from debut until the present which was in black and white. At the end of the clip it’s written,.

Watch the full clip

This is a definate hint on their comback date. BTS never does anything without a reason. They are always planning and working on future projects. When they released their song “Permission to Dance” it opened with hand holding a newspaper and on it was written.


And at the back of the newspaper there were the words “2022 Vol.10″ the hints have been there all along

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