BTS Share Their Last Ending Speeches To Finish Day Four Of “Permission to Dance on Stage, Las Vegas” Concert

“Nobody ever wants to see the end of something good, and the last goodbyes are always the hardest. Day four of “Permission to dance on stage” Las Vegas rought out the sentiments from the members. Today’s speeches were a bit emotional and meaningful. RM literally wrote a whole thesis through his speech and there was a point where his voice seemed to quiver a bit and his eyes were too shiny. He spoke of memories past that have made them wjo they are, memories of when nobody knew who they were and how he was not ready but looking at whre they are now, he will not take it for granted.

j-hope took his time to appreciate and pat Jin on the back for his hard work despite his injury and asked everyone to clap for him. That got Jin flustered and it was such a beautiful moment seeing how the members are always proud of each other and support one another whenever one is down and out.

“What a night! we have done four concerts here in las vegas this time. each of them was so amazing and we were so happy to perform passionately in front of you ARMY! you guys are awesome! so awesome! ok, this moment right now is just so precious for me and i’m lovin’ it! i love to see you guys like this. and this is not gonna be the last time. This is never gonna be! yea! and you are the reason that I smile everyday. So hope I am your reason to smile as well. okay! stay safe, stay healthy wherever you are! thank you! peace!” Jung Kook

“Alright! yea! I think we have a lot of guys here today too. let’s see who is louder. gentlemen vs ladies! first all the ladies, no no no not yet! not yet! relax! ok? not yet. all the ladies, make some noise. *ladies scream* ok, gentlemen, oh not yet! relax calm down. ok guys, all the gentlemen make some noise! *gentlemen screams* more louder! make some noise! wow this kind of day has come! thank you for coming to our concert and enjoying our show. And please turn the flashlight on your phones and keep them on until the end.” V

“Are you having fun? yes today too, we spent the day on the stage <perfomring> hard but what I remember the most in the middle of it are your voices. Actually, we performed in Korea too but couldn’t hear the fans voices so our hearts were sad but through the las vegas concert, I think we received all the comfort so I really want to tell you that I’m really thankful! not just that, it was really comforting, but seriously while we were active for these past 9 years, I thought again that we were able to work hard and be happy because you all became our reason. I sincerely thank you and it’s thanks to the members too but thanks to you all, it was a really happy concert. We will go back tomorrow but we will for sure be back soon! we’ll be back! I love you guys!” Jimin

“It’s our last night in vegas. It’s been so long since we stayed in one city like this. A few days ago I was in a car with V after dinner, we said, we’re so used to this now, and it’s gonna feel strange when we go back to korea. that’s how special these 3 weeks were for all of us. Thank you for giving us these special memories. We won’t forget them until the day we come back to las vegas. Hehe! I want to thank all of our fans for joining us for permission to dance on stage in las vegas! I love you all! hold up let me say one more thing in korean.” j-hope

…actually missing one member on a bts stage is a big risk. However, because health is always first, and it’s our members priority to take care of health first. But this time for jin hyung, for Jin hyung it was so different, seriously. To our Jin hyung who did his best even during practice to make sure our stage doesn’t look empty, I would be grateful if you all can give a big hand and shouts for him! at our las vegas concerts, the stage did not look empty at all and you were the best! it’s thanks to you hyung! thank you, thank you brother!” j-hope

“Hehe welcome to las vegas that has a drive through wedding. We performed in korea without cheers and that’s when we felt that it’s difficult doing a concert without cheers. Certainly, listening to the cheers, I/we’re able to feel alive. anyways, our 3 week schedule is done and thank you for sincerely enjoying it to the fullest. I will never be able to forget these las vegas <stops>. thank you and I love you. thank you so much I love you ARMY!” SUGA

“jhope said very nice things <about me>, but honestly it’s true that I was a burden on the team. the seven of us, we move as one team, and i should’ve not but i accidentally got injured….though I got injured, because our team helped me like this, I was able to do a good stage. I’d like to take this space to say thank you to our team. I don’t know when our next concert will be again, but we should hear your loud cheers for one last time! ARMY make some noise! thank you everyone! we’ll see you next time when we come back!” Jin

“…i love you guys! so like this, our ptd, is finally over. actually, I gotta say this because you know it’s the last night, actually ptd was just a one time thing for an event. after covid we wanted to give you a present and make this a total package and all the crazy choreos, and you know all the songs you wanted to listen to and all the dances you wanted to see, we just wanted to make one total package. so there is like no break and crazy dances, really tough to perform. but you know, this know this is our 12th show of ptd. I feel like a cinderella and you know this could be done because of your love. and I feel like these days, I’m gaining some ages because I really used to reminisce the days in 2009 when I was just a student with family when I was in las vegas.” RM

“…in 2014 we were bts but nobody knew us you know during the american hustle life, knocking on some strangers doors asking to come see our concert, something like that. cleaning hotel rooms, that was tough. in 2017 I was invited to the bbmas for the first time and our staff just sat me down and was like “okay now we will have 12 tv stations and live interviews and you’ll do your thing!” and I wasn’t ready at all and was like “ok! we’re bts and our music is very good!” but thanks to you guys my english got a lot better!” RM

“…so one more thing, one last thing, this was a secret but I used to jog, I used to jog just around this stadium in 6-7 am and nobody saw me jogging. I was like, at 6am looking at the stadium, imagining the 50,000 people here. one thing for sure, we have to never take all this love for granted, that’s the one thing for sure. that’s the only thing I know. and thank you, thank you for everything. I don’t know i just forgot english now! thank you so much for coming, and from now on and forward we’ll do even better and work harder! *translator translates joon’s korean part* oh that was strange! I just love you, we love you. and you know we’re bts, you’re army. we’re each others everything. we’re now at the end of the tour in vegas and end of ptd, the show might be over but our light will stay going forever. we share that love support, comfort, and energy I want to share that with you one last time, with our one last song.” RM

Thank you BTS!

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