BTS j-hope’s Words For His Jin Hyung At Their Concert Are The Epitome Of Brotherhood, Here’s Why They Got Us In The Feels

“BTS have the best bond, as bandmates, friends, but most importantly they are brothers. BTS ended their four day sold our concerts on 16th April and as it is tradition, they ended with beautiful speeches that appreciated ARMYs, took them down memory lane and promised to keep working hard until the next time they meet again. The way j-hope made an impromptu speech to praise Jin and appreciate his efforts to perform despite his injury was the highlight of the endments.

j-hope was the second member to give his speech which he gave in part fully in English them he requested to say one thing in his natuve tongue Korean. He spoke about how having one member down is risky for their performamnces, but stressed the fact that the members’ health comes first above everything else. He went on to turn and point to Jin and appreciated how Jin did not slack because he had an injury. Jin participated even in their practices while in Las Vegas and then asked everyone to give him a round of applause.

Jin on his part flushed and playfully tried to hide his face, but put his hands together slightly bowing in gratitude at all the love and support. After j-hope finished he asked j-hope why he was making him turn red to which j-hope laughed

“It’s our last night in vegas. It’s been so long since we stayed in one city like this. A few days ago I was in a car with V after dinner, we said, we’re so used to this now, and it’s gonna feel strange when we go back to korea. that’s how special these 3 weeks were for all of us.” jhope

Thank you for giving us these special memories. We won’t forget them until the day we come back to las vegas. Hehe! I want to thank all of our fans for joining us for permission to dance on stage in las vegas! I love you all! hold up .” j-hope

“let me say one more thing in korean. Actually missing one member on a BTS stage is a big risk. However, because health is always first, and it’s our members priority to take care of health first. But this time for Jin hyung, for Jin hyung it was so different, seriously.” j-hope

To our Jin hyung who did his best even during practice to make sure our stage doesn’t look empty, I would be grateful if you all can give a big hand and shouts for him! at our las vegas concerts, the stage did not look empty at all and you were the best! it’s thanks to you hyung! thank you, thank you brother!” j-hope

“Why are you doing this, you’re making my face red!” Jin

Watch Jin blush at being complemented, too cute

When Jin’s turn reached to give his speech, he sad that he felt he was a burden but j-hope crossed his hands shaking his head a no. V walked to him and payfully kicked him on the butt telling him not to be too hard on himself.

Jin’s speech

“jhope said very nice things <about me>, but honestly it’s true that I was a burden on the team. the seven of us, we move as one team, and i should’ve not but i accidentally got injured….though I got injured, because our team helped me like this, I was able to do a good stage. I’d like to take this space to say thank you to our team. I don’t know when our next concert will be again, but we should hear your loud cheers for one last time! ARMY make some noise! thank you everyone! we’ll see you next time when we come back!” Jin

We love your relationship and the bond that you have, we only wish you nothing but good health and happiness.

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