The Modelling Industry Lacks Kim Tae-hyung Strutting His Way Down The Runway, Here’s Why Fans Agree That V ‘Ended’ All Models’ Careers

“BTS’ V is a versatile artist who is known for his many facial expressions while on stage. During their “Permission to dance on Stage concerts, V has maintained his playful side getting into character making jokes that made his fellow band members and fans laugh. He is a joker and always finds situations to immediately play into chracter. On day 3 of their 4 day concerts, V decided to make the stage his runway. Immediately the concert ended and ribbons staerted falling on the stage, he ran gathering them up.

Then in a sudden whim decided to walk the stage like a runway, strutting with a serious pose walking towards BTS members who found him hilarious. He walked to the end and stood posing, nodding to the members and then walked away smiling.

The few seconds was enough to cause ARMY to drive “Taehyung modeling” agenda home. V’s photo shoots always come out artistic. He can be flirty, serious, innocent, quizical, pretty much does the assigment as required and even put a twist of his own. BTS are house ambasaduers for the brand Louis Vuitton and have even walked the runway in one of their collections.

V is the darling of photograpohers as he will always give the camera man execatly what he needs to get those shots and add his own flavor


Here are some comments from fans who want V in a modelling gig as fast as yesterday

“Taehyung modeling the confetti strips effortlessly and he’s slaying”

“taehyung modeling, he’s the moment

“the modelling industry lacks kim taehyung strutting his way down the stage with yassified streamers, SERVING…”

“smth about taehyung modeling while wearing that fruity outfit”

“No cuz yall better be glad taehyung aint choose modeling !!!!!

“and now i need taehyung modeling on a runway

“The modeling industry should be thankful that KIM TAEHYUNG chose music”


“ICON KIM TAEHYUNGMODELING ON THE STAGE AS IF IT WAS HIS FASHION SHOW WALKWAYExtremely attractive, sublime, sensational, the genre is Taehyung.”

“the ways taehyung starts modeling, i cant with him”


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