Relive Some Of The Best Moments Of BTS’ “Permission to Dance on Stage” Las Vegas Day 3 Concert

DAY 3 WAS WILD! That is the only was I can sum up today’s “Permission to Dance on Stage, Las Vegas. The concert started with high energy, from the introduction, BTS seemed like they were high on sugar rush and energy that could not be contained. V and Jung Kook spotted curly messy hair that messed with fans’ hearts, all the performances were EXTRA EXTRA! It’s like they made up their minds to make their second last day as memorable as possible, which they did!

Here are our favorite moments from the concert that we will not be forgetting any time soon!

Moment of the day! This male fan and V shouting “that’s right! That’s right!

“Ladies, make some noise! Gentlemen make some noise!” V

Another 2Seok (j-hope and Jin)moment

Taehyung going hard once more

Jung Kook effortlessly hitting the high note

Dance leader j-hope bringing fire to the performance and just existing

Jimin self cam, Jimin visuals

Taekook in perm

Kim Taehyung Visuals + curly hair

Jung Kook lip bite and being a tease

Jin’s visuals

Jung kook getting shy and literally falling on the floor

Jin’ lingering look at the end of “Fake Love”

TaeJoon (Taehyung and Namjoon) moment

It’s the “JungKook abs” again 😏

Namjin (Namjoon and Jin) moment

The confetti machines are always fun! Or not 😂

Jung Kook Micheal Jackson exit move

Maknae huddling together to get captured on big screen during “Life goes on” polaroid shots

Polaroid capture moments

Perfect shot Butter performance

Jin’s body roll, illegal! and that fit of his shirt!

Kim Namjoon kiling us with his toned arms

A HD kiss from Jin

TaeKook just being taekook

Taehying ending all models’ careers

YonKook (JungKook and Yoongi) moment

jimin’s power pose immortalized

Jin’s endingment

The cheers for SUGA always go so hard!

JiKook (Jimin and JungKook) moments

Jung Kook hugging the dancers

The OT7 selfie

and we end with V’s EXTRA EXTRA Energy and TaeKook being the chaotic duo

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