Michael Bearden, Lady Gaga’s Jazz-Piano Conductor & Producer Now Following BTS’ j-hope On Instagram After Their Meetup at Lady Gaga’s Concert


“BTS’ j-hope shared several photos on his instagram account with Lady Gaga and a few other individuals. One of them happens to be Lady Gaga’s Jazz-Piano Conductor, Michael Bearden who is a composer, producer and actor. The two met at Lady Gaga’s concert in Las Vegas which is taking place from 16th April to 1st May 2022. He recently reposted j-hope’s group photo that they took with Lady Gaga earlier on his Instagram story and also shared a new photo with BTS’ j-hope. He has also started following j-hope on instagram. Michael Bearden is an accomplished, music director, keyboardist, arranger, conductor and composer for a diverse range of musical artists.

He has worked with over 480 artists in his career and is best known as Michael Jackson‘s final music director. Michael shared the photo and wrote,

“About last night .. my dude j-hope! Great guy! I’ll be seeing them in concert tonight” Michael

He shared j-hope’s instagram post writing,

“So great to finally meet j-hope from BTS tonight! The nicest dude ever! He had a great time! Will probably go see them perfrom tomorrow! I have a blessed life!” Michael

Michael now following j-hope

Michael has been creating with Lady Gaga as her MD since 2013 and was nominated by the Television Academy for the 69th Emmy Awards in the ‘Outstanding Music Direction‘ category for the Pepsi Halftime Superbowl LI performance featuring Lady Gaga.

It was the most watched Super Bowl halftime performance in history. In June of 2016, Michael was the music director for the Kennedy Center‘s annual spring gala honoring the great Marvin Gaye.

The photo BTS’ j-hope shared on his instagram

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