Every Single Month There Are Over 112,300 Individuals Who Search “JungKook Abs” With India Ranking First

BTS’ Jung Kook “PTD” concert

“BTS have the highest number of searches on Google as compared to other celebrities worldwide. They always top the Google list for most searched celebrities while vocalist member Jung Kook has been toping the list of individual idols. According to “Semrush”, the top three countries with the most searches are India which takes the lead with 27.1k searches, followed by Phillipines with 18.1k searches and number three is the US with 12.1k searches.


Jung Kook is known for his immaculate, unique and quality vocals, his impressive dance moves and beautiful physical features. Jung Kook’s abs era began when BTS released their “Fake Love” music video, but what propelled his abs to a high level of recognition was their performance in the US during their performance at the Billboard Music Awards.

It is no surprise that when you Google “Jungkook abs” a photo of that performance will always come up first. With all the boxing and dancing videos that Jung Kook has been posting on his Instagram account, it’s no surprise that fans went wild seeing his abs when he flashed his abs during their concert in Las Vegas

I searched

His crop top for their “Black Swan” and “Fake Love” performance gave fans more than the occasional peekaboo of his dashboard of well built abs. We are not complaining though! 🤓

Jung Kook is a social media darling. On Twitter, he had the most retweeted tweet of 2019, and the 2nd most retweeted tweet of 2020. He is the only idividual with 4 tweets reaching 3 million likes

On TikTok his name “jungkook” has surpassed 100 billion views and he is the first and only individual to achieve this number, biggest kicker he does not have an individual account on TikTok!

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