English Actor & Comedian Simon Pegg Finally Met With BTS During Their Las Vegas Concert

“Back in 2021 English Actor & Comedian Simon Pegg posted a video of himself listening to ‘Daechwita’ on his Instagram stories and revealed that it was kids who had gotten him to start listening to Korean rap music and he now is enjoying the music. Pegg has acted in “Mission Impossible,” “Doctor Who.” among other films. He has been a fan of BTS and mentioned them on several occassions and even posted a photo holdong the ARMY bomb tagging it that they were on the way to the concert. Pegg posted a picture of himself and his family with BTS on his instagram account.

He simply tagged the photo, “Dad points”

After BTS’ performance at the GRAMMYs Pegg posted a picture of Jin as he channeled a hacker and wrote, “There’s a new Benji in town and I’m weirdly here for it.”

His interest started when Simon Pegg added a cut out of Jin with him dressed in the green squid game outfit. The picture went viral then

He once revealed that his bias was Jimin and his bias wrecker SUGA

Pegg and his daughter tilly (who is seokjin biased) talking about Jin being a great actor and would be happy to see him act a drama

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