BTS Share Beautiful Ending Speeches To End Day Three Of “Permission to Dance on Stage, Las Vegas” Concert

“It is the last leg of BTS’ takeover in Las Vegas as they have just performed their 3rd concert and will be ending with the fourth one tomorrow 16th April 2022 at Allegiant Stadium. The members Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and JungKook performed as expected with enough energy to charge the whole stadium. Their day three speeches were sort of their pre-goodbye speeches as they mentioned treasuring the concert and remembering it for a long time after they leave to go back to South Korea,

They each memtioned how ARMY played an importnat part in making the day memorable and they appreciate them for being there. Both j-hope and RM noted that the fans gave them the energy to be able to carry through the concert and j-hope added that ARMY made the expereinece even more valuable that you could never buy it with money. Overall BTS gave their all in the performances and each day has been an upgrade of the last so fans expect the last day to be grander and even more energetic.

“Aye~ ok tonight is our third show right? we have this fire that just keeps on burning. You know here in vegas, getting lots of inspiration and energy. You cannot buy this experience with money, it’s precious, my precious. This experience in las vegas will be a big part of how I live my life now. I want to say to you, our performance is complete only when we have you. Everyone now knows how important you are. thank you for making today complete. Love you guys, thank you ARMY!” j-hope

“Hi! baby mochi, mochi mochi~ today the day is ending like this too. I sincerely thank you for <spending> the day together with us today too. I received/felt such good energy from you all so I think I will be able to go home and sleep deeply/well. everyone, it must’ve been tiring being with us today, but I hope you will be able to sleep deeply/well at home. Lastly, we will go back to korea after the last concert tomorrow. Though we will go back to korea, I/we will work hard to prepare hard and come back again. I love you thank you. love you” Jimin

“Oh! yea! did you have fun? I had a small ment prepared between stay and so what, but i couldn’t finish what I prepared well, so I accidentally said oh shit so I’m sorry about that! I prepared it for a long time, I’m so sad! <saying the ment he prepared> are you having fun so far? from now on, I want you to jump more and… I can’t remember <my ment> again! oh and shout more! I’m sorry. As the days go by, my condition is getting better so I was able to enjoy the concert with you guys without getting tired. and thanks to you guys giving us so many cheers, I was able to get more energy! and I’m so glad you’re here tonight! love you!” Jung Kook

“Say “ya~ho” I couldn’t do that in korea so I did it here! say “hurray”! jungkookie just taught me that, ok guys, everyone we went around the stadium once and there are a lot of male armys! ok male armys, I dont want you to be embarrassed so the ladies will go first. ladies make some noise! *ladies scream* ok gentlemen you ready? gentlemen make some noise! *gentlemen scream* everybody we love you! thank you~” V

“Ok~ *shows purple cast* borahae~ today the atmosphere is really good! we had a dream, an unaccomplished dream. our dream is bringing together people around the world, hundreds, thousands, billions of people, and doing a performance in front of them for free! but the atmosphere today and hearing your shouts, I wish you guys would for sure be there. Thank you for your boundless/generous love. army I love you!” Jin

“Hello this is suga. did you all have fun? I think it’s been a little over 3 weeks since we came to vegas. and tomorrow is our last show. and they say what happens in vegas stays in vegas. everyone, let’s never let go of today. I’ll never forget it, as I leave vegas, and I hope you never forget it too. thank you!” SUGA

“Yea suga, yea suga! what happens in vegas stays in vegas~ but tonight what happens in vegas, stays forever, in seoul, in la, (inaudible). so everyone it’s been 9 years since our debut. and yea right? and in a way, I, frankly speaking, I really hate this hotel and staying in and I was like answering, we’re BTS and ARMY. We’re about charging each others batteries, it’s mutual. giving the energy, electricity everyday, so seeing you guys tonight dancing, singing, jumping together, I was like wasted for like these 22 hours under the stage but now I am 200% charged because of you. thank you vegas. I will remember tonight forever, thank you I love you!” RM

Translated by Twitter/@haruharu_w_bts

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