BTS’ Jung Kook Updated His Instagram Account With Another Boxing Clip With His Trainer

“BTS’ Jung Kook has shared another video clip of him boxing with his trainer Tommy. He as added two short clips that show his technique and you can see how fast he is becoming with avoiding hits and hitting back. Jung Kook’s work out is very visible as fans were able to see just how toned he is especially his abs which he teased when performing at their concert. RM also revealed that Jung Kook was on a diet and he was building muscle and had also lost a bit of weight to gain the muscle.

He said he envies Jung Kook and we can relate to that. Jung Kook looks fit and healthy and with the energy he has been showing during performances, just show how physically fit he is.

I imagine that might have hepled him overcome his health challenge and heal faster because of the execesise that he has been doing judging from his boxing clips that he has shared.

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