BTS’ Jung Kook Photobombing His Hyungs To Take Polaroid Shots Together for “Life Goes On” Performance Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

“The whole set up for “Life Goes On” is the most creative stage of all time, especially when it comes time to take still shots of the members and sometimes ARMY which is shown on the big screen. The first time the performance was unveiled weven the BTS members themselves were hilariously shocked. But after several performances, they even poss whenever the shots are being taken.

During day 3 performance Jung Kook tool the chance to photobomb all his hyungs polaroid Shots and posing with them. He could be seen running around timing the shots and posing with them.

Jung Kook with Yoongi

Jung Kook with j-hope

Maknae Line (Jimin, V, Jung Kook)

Jung Kook with Jimin

Jung Kook with RM

Jung Kook with Jin

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