BTS’ Jung Kook Brings Back His 2016 Lotte Hairstyle & ARMYs, It Is Okay Not To Be Okay!

“Day 3 of “Permission to Dance on Stage Las Vegas by BTS is off to a heated start! And it has everything to do with BTS’ maknae Jung Kook’s new hairstyle. The vocalist is rocking a curly messy black hairstyle that has got fans excited and remembering his ionic 2016 Lotte event look that drove fans back then. He is serving looks and hotness as he is feeling the energy of the concert.

Jung Kook 2022

As a result of fans gushing over and swooning over Jung Kook’s hairstyle, “HIS HAIR” is currently trending with over 60k tweets.

Jung Kook 2016

Fans’ reactions to Jung Kook’s hair are totally relatable!

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